Artist Sand Oner Paints Maria in East L.A


East Los Angeles – sandoner Somewhere along the spectrum came Maria🐠 she loves packing orders , Chalino, was obsessed with Jose.. but now she’s fixated on $5 bucks 😳likes wearing soft clothes.. and eating beans at 5 pm😎she’s a loner in real life, 😘with many friends in the CyberWorld💻📱rambles allot and always gets in trouble, people say she’s annoying but she’s just really really awkwardly trying to be your coolest friend 😁😘she likes having lunch by herself and doesn’t really want to socialize with people around her but she’s super cool if she allows you to get to know her🍥 be patient with her 💕 and don’t get sensititive she’s very direct 😭Aspie player life 💝 #autismawareness #aspergers





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