Candlelight Vigil held in Memory of Gabriel Soto








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 Justice for Gabriel Soto #33
I want to Thank everyone that attended the candlelight vigil yesterday. It really meant a lot to my family. Thank you to everyone that helped put this together, to all the speakers and to everyone who shared the event info. Without you all this would not have been possible. It being a long holiday weekend I’m sure there were many of you that wanted to attend but weren’t able to. We will continue to host a candlelight vigil on the anniversary of Gabriel’s murder, May 25th. Hopefully the people that couldn’t join us this year could join us next year. We will continue to raise our voices and share his story. We will not stop until someone speaks up and Justice Is Served. Gabriel did not deserve to have his life tragically cut short the way it was. He was a amazing, loving, hard working young man who was working hard in order to make something of himself. He was a caring son, brother, nephew, cousin and friend. If the tables had been turned and one of the other individuals that was there that night had been killed instead of him you Better believe he would not stay quite if he had information that could put the killer behind bars. And we all know that……with that said , GABRIEL SOTO DESERVES TO HAVE JUSTICE SERVED…..HIS FAMILY DESERVES TO HAVE JUSTICE SERVED….. STOP THE SELFISHNESS AND SPEAK UP… DONT KEEP WHAT YOU KNOW TO YOURSELF…. HELP PUT THIS COWARD BEGIND BARS!!!



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