Ronin Gray – Vol 2.. No Bad Days -EP


If you’re not familiar with Ronin Gray,

you may consider giving his new EP “NO BAD DAYS. Vol. 2” a listen.
Ronin is a Boyle Heights native who has traveled the world. Inspired by different sounds and experiences Ronin now writes from a positive point of view were in the past it was more entangled with a life of crime, like so many other young Chicanos from the city of Los Angeles. On this six-song EP Ronin walks the listener from the opening track “You See Me Vibin’ ” With a description of how he is blessed to no longer have to worry about looking over his shoulder and feels great to know everything is legit. He raps about his faith in GOD, the importance of reading books, self-educating and how nothing he has achieved today was granted with out much effort and hard work. But most importantly he raps about belief in ones own self. Other songs are sprinkled with humor like “I Got Money Now”.  Ronin touches on a more sensitive side when he dives into a song like “Shattered Dreams” where he addresses losing friends for lack of support, betrayal and just plain ole trying to con him. Lastly, Ronin pays homage to Mexican Regional Music when he samples El Sonidito for a fun party infusion song titled “Macho Alfa”
This EP is definitely worth a listen.
“NO BAD DAYS. Vol. 2” by Ronin Gray
Available through all digital platforms.

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