#cicLAvia – Riding Through the Streets of L.A. with #RedBull



2028 E 1st Street, Boyle Heights, 90033


cicLAvia was a day of music bike riding & fun! Hardware Studio in Boyle Heights was home base for Sunday’s epic ride through the streets of East LA, downtown and beyond. Red Bull’s fixed gear freestyle rider Josh Boothby was on hand to lead the charge and offer tips on how to best conquer the streets of L.A.!

Josh Boothby
Doing tricks on fixed gear bikes may be a niche sport, but Josh Boothby is at the forefront of it, and he’s helping his sport grow in popularity. “I think realistically in the next few years, we’re going
to see fixed gears everywhere,” Josh says. “It’s going to go fromstudent-based subculture to global phenomenon.”

Josh, who grew up riding BMX in Hayward, California, started riding fixies when he was 24 years old. Within the first eight hours of getting on his first fixed gear, he already had an edit online of him
doing tricks people had never seen before. In 2012, he became one of the first fixed gear riders to land a backflip, and now he’s working on landing double backflips, front flips and more.




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