Ronin Gray The Gift of WLPWR



These are troubling times we are currently faced with and in a world filled with uncertainty, 
it seems there’s only one thing that can help us rise above it all.
a fitting inclusion for rapper Ronin Gray’s latest release.
“THE GIFT OF WLPWR” now available on all digital platforms.
Through Will Power, we have the ability to carry ourselves higher and further than ever before. Our Will Power will motivate us when no one else is there to cheer us on. 
It is an internal drive of ambition, a hunger for more to push ourselves out of our comfort zone to achieve the unthinkable, to become greater than we’ve ever been we must use our
The title also lends respect to the projects executive producer WLPWR based out of Atlanta, Georgia’s BNDWTH Studios,  who has produced for other known acts such as Yelawolf, Eminem, Big K.R.I.T., Wiz Khalifa, and The Game just to name a few. 
At first glance, it is the amazing cover art by Horacio Martinez that commands your undivided attention. 
The art speaks to the current time with a multi-ethnic society facing off with the technocratic government and even some space alien ufo’s.
The cover art is an homage to Ronin’s youth and appreciation for comic books. 
With the project entirely Produced by WLPWR, the music does not disappoint when it comes to sound and quality. Coupled together with Ronin’s lyrics, makes for an incredible sonic experience. 
Ronin opens with a song titled
“BIG LEAGUE” where he addresses his past life of crime and encourages youth to choose the path of the straight and narrow, over the wide path of destruction.
“GET DOWN” is a high-intensity lyrical track with a hard-hitting baseline which showcases Ronin’s rhyming skills. The music gives a kind of Rick Rubin Beastie Boys vibe.
In “I’M RIGHT” we get to here Ronin’s male perspective in dealing with a toxic relationship.   
Is a fun record that feels like it was made for summertime cruising and showing off beautiful custom cars on Whittier or Crenshaw Boulevard. 
“BEST DAY” is a positive pop type sounding record with an R&B hook Featuring Josh Waters. 
A complementing soundtrack for the California lifestyle.
Is about Ronin’s search for the perfect companion mixed with inner-city dilemmas. 
A slower head-bobbing track in which Ronin states his claim in the music industry by any means necessary. If he cant get in through the door he will slide through the window. 
Ronin shares his vulnerability in this track when he addresses the recent suicide of his Father and the tragic death of his Grandfather. The chorus talks about the price of fame and how often we ask for the limelight and fortune not aware of the things that accompany our deepest desires. 
In truth, this album is almost like taking a peek into the private journal of Ronin. The artwork is great, the music is phenomenal. I highly recommend you give it a listen and hope that you are as moved by it as I am. 
The Gift of WLPWR 
available on all streaming platforms now.

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