Evergreen Volleyball breaks through the barriers and wins the Citywide Title



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The beginning of the journey that brought us here to the Citywide Championship started 3 years ago in 2018.
The girls had never had a volleyball team at Evergreen and not enough girls to even compete. We had a total of 10 girls signed up to have 7-8 girls show up to actually play.
Fast track to 2021 where 24 girls signed up to have to split up into teams. The girls wanted to be challenged and wanted to learn something new every day we practiced.
We had to overcome the last time we played in the metro region playoffs and lost to our Pecan family. This year we focused on a true Bump, Set, Hit format where we focused every day in practice.
This team has girls that want to learn and ask questions to get better. They did everything we asked of them to the last point of the final match that we won 15-13 against Winnetka.
We will forever be known as CHAMPIONS but more than that we will always be Family!

Coach Manny Valencia




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