Seniesa Estrada Wins Her Golden Boy Debut

Seniesa Estrada Wins Her Golden Boy Debut

ERIC RAMOS  MAR 17, 2018Read more at: https://roundbyroundboxing.com/seniesa-estrada-golden-boy-promotions/

  1. The back-and-fourth action in the main event led to a very entertaining 2018 debut for Golden Boy Promotions‘ LA Fight Club. Seniesa Estrada (12-0, 8 KOs) from East Los Angeles won a unanimous decision over Sonia Osorio (8-6-1, 1 KOs) on Saturday night at the Belasco Theater in Downtown Los Angeles, California. All three judges scored it, 80-72, in favor of Estrada who outboxed, taunted and battered her opponent for eight rounds. The new Golden Boy signee said it felt great being the first woman to headline for GBP. Estrada was able to shake off some ring rust and display her full arsenal of jabs, uppercuts and a vicious left hook. “I knew she was a tough opponent but I tried to mix it up as best as I could,” said Estrada. “Tonight was special and I’m ready to represent women’s boxing.” Both fighters started out slow but the action picked up quickly. Estada staked Osorio in the early and found success with the left hook. Estrada switched from southpaw to orthodox and landed good combinations while trying to confuse Osorio. Estrada landed 1-2 combination before Osorio responds with a three-punch combination in round 4. Osorio was very game and willing to exchange with Estrada. As the fifth round closed, Estrada started to find her timing with the left hook. In the sixth round, Estrada landed a hard right followed by a straight left but Osorio ends the round with a left hook of her own. Estrada said she hopes this is the first of better and even bigger events and very happy to entertain her fans. “I’m so blessed to have so many people come out and support me,” said Estrada. “I was happy to fight in my hometown and have my supporters here.”

Read more at: https://roundbyroundboxing.com/seniesa-estrada-golden-boy-promotions/


                           Photo Credit: Albert Baker/Under The Hand Wraps

                           Photo Credit: Albert Baker/Under The Hand Wraps

                         Photo Credit: Albert Baker/Under The Hand Wraps

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